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First 53 days of 2013

Since I deleted my ‘personal’ blog which contains my original posts (because updating two blogs is a very demanding task), I will summarize my nearly- ending first quarter of 2013 in here. ;)


I can’t remember much of the happenings last January, I guess they’re not so memorable. Nevertheless, I’m sure I was happy during those days.


Valentines day - Starcity date with my best buddy <3

Lemme tell you a story first before I spill out what happened last 14th. A week before the Valentines, I texted him this is how our conversation went:

Me: Uwi ka ba sa 14?

Him: Hindi, bakit?

Me: May plano ka ba magpaka- sweet at i- date ako nung araw na yon? Haha. (uhhhhhh, straight face here.)

Him: Hahaha. Bakit?

Me: E para alam ko kung maghahanda ba ko o nga- nga nun diba.

Him: Hahaha. Wag ka mag- alala, iddate din kita non.

So there. And this is what happened that day:

After a long and tiring day because of the Institutional Synchronized Dance Competition and the Canticle 2013, we were set to go. The plan was to just eat at Kangaroo Jack in SM Manila, but then he texted me, “MOA nalang tayo para hindi nakakasawa.” Normally, we would just ride the LRT, but because it’s THE V- DAY and hundreds of people were finding their way through the trains, we decided to took a cab instead. And of course because of THE V- DAY AGAIN all of the cabs that passed by were taken. After nearly 15 minutes of waiting, he suddenly said, “Starcity nalang kaya tayo?,” I was surprised and thrilled all at once because it was our long- time plan to go to Starcity, so I was like, “Ikaw bahala.”, “Sige, pwede din.” But deep inside me I was screaming “Yes!! Yes!! Please, yes!!” Hahaha. So it was settled. We finally rode the cab. When we were near the area, the taxi driver told us, “Pwde bang dito nalang kayo? Mauubusan na kase ako ng Gas. LPG ‘to, di na aabot.” Spell hassle. So instead of riding another cab which is a waste of money, we just walked the rest of the way.

We rode all the rides which made my heart skipped a beat and entered into their horror- themed attractions. He also made his best effort to knock down all six bottles with a baseball in exchange of a cute Fu stuffed toy but ended up with 8 small and medium sized stuffed toys.

Another events last 14th..

81st Foundation Week of ADU - Institutional Synchronized Dance Competition && Canticle 2013

The troop was very in demand last foundation week because of the departmental contests. Despite of being the smallest dept in terms of population, the Education department is being active with all the school activities.

Though we didn’t made it to the top in both competitions, we are still proud to say that we did our best! :-bd

Well I can say that I’m really happy with my life right now. I’m doing okay with my studies, having the best times of my life with my friends, spending more time with the family. Of course there are still bad days and problems.. And I’m proud to say I’ve learned how to handle them now :) I’m really just hoping this will continue or better yet.. More happiness and love.